Wineology turns Canadians into craft vintners with new winemaking kit


Wineology turns Canadians into craft vintners with new winemaking kit

WINE·OL·O·GY noun. the art of simple, modern winemaking. From mastering the sourdough starter, to making pasta from scratch, to honing their wine-tasting skills, Canadians have been discovering and indulging in new passions over the last year. Now, RJS Craft Winemaking is looking to elevate Canadians' mastery of winemaking at home with Wineology, an all-in-one, DIY kit that puts wine lovers in the creator's seat. The perfect introduction to the art of quality winemaking, Wineology contains everything you need to craft a superb wine easily, and within three weeks.

"Canadians are looking for ways to connect over their shared passions around food and wine, and Wineology provides a great opportunity to learn the nuances behind the winemaking process," said Jon Purdy, Senior Brand Manager, RJS Craft Winemaking. "Wineology is a fun and engaging way for wine lovers – from novice to expert – to extend their interest into actual hands-on winemaking. The kit provides an opportunity to connect with family and friends while crafting the perfect blend together, from the comfort of home."

A wine option for everyone
Available in three styles inspired by popular varietals, Pinot Grigio style, Merlot style and Rosé style, Wineology has an option for everyone. The Wineology kit comes equipped with everything needed to craft wine, including the juice concentrate, fermentation agents, and holding bags. The winemaking process takes just three weeks and makes the equivalent of about five 750ml bottles that will stay fresh for up to six weeks.

From our kit to your lips in three weeks
In just three weeks, Wineology wine is ready to drink. The process happens over four easy-to-follow stages:

Phase 1 (Day 1): Mix the ingredients and start the fermentation process
Phase 2 (Day 11): Stabilizing and Clearing
Phase 3 (Day 16): Final adjustments
Phase 4 (Day 21): Wineology is now ready to enjoy!

Compact Convenience
From the crafting process to serving, the Wineology packaging is conveniently designed to make every step as easy as possible. Other conveniences of the craft winemaking kit include its compact size - it takes up very little counter space and wide handles allow for easy carrying and transporting.

"Wineology is a great solution for Canadians looking for an affordable opportunity to personally craft delicious quality wine and a new do-it-yourself hobby to explore," said Purdy.

The craft winemaking kits are available for purchase across North America at Amazon,, and select independent retailers. Additional retailers coming soon including Loblaws and Red Apple.

Visit for more information on available styles and for helpful crafting instructions complete with a how-to video.


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