YOUNG XAV's "Mess I've Made" May 7th - @imyoungxav


YOUNG XAV's "Mess I've Made" May 7th

Xavier Robert, known professionally as YOUNG XAV (YUNG-ZAYV), is an American recording artist and songwriter from Chicago, Illinois. Aiming to be the Great Gatsby of this century’s twenties, he’s a representative of the modern musical era by date but not by sound. The sound is colossal, the approach - timeless. Having lived in a household with a DJ for a father, musical aptitude is embedded in his DNA. With a growing fan base hailing from SoHo to SoCal, it’s evident that his sound transcends through cultures, area codes, and time zones. XAV’s innate ability to cultivate sound and bend frequencies rests perfectly next to his ardent desire to tell his narrative to the world. His music bleeds with intensity, diary-like reflections, wicked lyrical capabilities, and grandiose production. More than an MC, XAV represents musical creation, inception, diversity, versatility, and expansion.

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