12AM RECRUITS JUTES FOR NEW HEAT “SKI MASK” - @ilove12am @jutesmusic



Prolific storyteller 12AM has enlisted Canadian R&B artist Jutes for his latest single “Ski Mask” out now via Sony Music Canada.

The hard-hitting track encompasses infectiously melodic vocals escorted by 12AM’s ability to captivate audiences with his storytelling prowess. With lyrics outlining love and what can be put on the line to keep it, “Ski Mask” is one of many chapters to come.

“Me and Jutes have been wanting to put out a song for so long together but we had to have the right one….. we made a couple records here and there but once I freestyled the hook for ski mask we both knew this was the one. He laid his verse down and bodied it and it made me step my game up on my verse,” explains 12AM.

“12 played me just the hook and said, yep this the 1. I went in, recorded my verse in 15 mins, it just came out mad easy, showed him and he went crazy for it. Definitely feels good to finally have a track together. We’ve lived together and been grinding this music shit together for so long and never released a song together but it was worth the wait,” Jutes adds.


“12AM has been having a massive year without being able to tour, the Canadian [and LA-based] artist has an innate ability to draft big choruses which is why more and more artists are tapping in to use his melodic talents.” – LYRICAL LEMONADE

“It seems like everyone is trying to glorify the turn up right now; and 12AM definitely does that.” – HIP HOP CANADA

12AM RECRUITS JUTES FOR NEW HEAT “SKI MASK” - @ilove12am @jutesmusic 12AM RECRUITS JUTES FOR NEW HEAT “SKI MASK” - @ilove12am @jutesmusic Reviewed by FADED4U on June 11, 2021 Rating: 5

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