Brent Faiyaz releases Wasting Time featuring Drake


Brent Faiyaz releases Wasting Time featuring Drake

Maryland RnB singer Brent Faiyaz today released a new song, Wasting Time featuring Drake. This song has a relaxed sound from the beginning and starts with Faiyaz singing the opening verse. This works well with the instrumental which features a lofi melody and heavy 808 drums. Produced by The Neptunes, you know this one will bang. As you would expect, Drake delivers an almost effortless verse and probably has the line of the song, saying "Disappointment I stay expecting it The pessimist gold medalist Flush the magnums just so they not collecting my specimens."

So far, Wasting Time has only got an audio release, but knowing Drakes history there's every chance a video will be released down the line. This is the third single of the year by Faiyaz after his achieving his first ever charting single earlier on in 2021, which was Gravity featuring Tyler The Creator. As you may expect, if this one gets a full video release and promotion, then it could kickstart Faiyaz's career and elevate him onto a bigger platform. With this in mind, expect a video soon.

Author: Tracy Akinfenwa

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