Clever Uses for Crystals in Your Wedding

Clever Uses for Crystals in Your Wedding

Discover clever uses for crystals in your wedding that will blow your guests away. Serve geode cake, wear crystal jewelry, and give gemstones as gifts.

The best weddings look simple and easy, even though they still take a great deal of planning. Choose a theme that incorporates natural elements when you find clever uses for crystals in your wedding. You’ll blow your guests away when they see quartz, jade, and moonstones throughout your party. Find out how to integrate gemstones into each area of your special day.

Eat a Geode Cake

One of the best ways to impress your guests with gems and crystals is to choose a geode cake as your wedding cake. To create a geode cake, bakers typically remove a small valley of cake and replace it with sugar crystals to create a geode effect. Whether you love the trend or you and your betrothed know everything about geodes, having this cake at your wedding will make the event unforgettable.

Wear Crystal Jewelry

Since all eyes will be on you—the bride—you can integrate crystals into your wedding by wearing them. People will easily notice your natural gemstone theme if you don rose quartz earrings or an amethyst headband. Consider your wedding colors. Maybe a jade necklace or celestite bracelet would complement your outfit.

Carry Gems in Your Bouquet

Your bouquet will stand out as you walk down the aisle. Guests will admire the flowers you choose and may even ask why you chose them. Adding crystals will make your bouquet even more unique and sparkly. Ask the person making the arrangement to stick them among the flowers or hang them around the exterior.

Include Gemstone Place Settings

Once people arrive at your reception, they’ll spend a good deal of time admiring the tables they sit at. Help them find their place with a name card attached to a gemstone. You can let your guests keep their name cards and crystals. Include details about the type of stone they’ve received on the back of their name card.

These are some clever uses for crystals in your wedding to consider. Your guests will remember your wedding for years to come when you choose a simple theme that speaks to you.

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