Panic by Slash Don



Slash Don is an up-and-coming talented artiste, Born and raised in Kingston St. Andrew. His real name is Kevin McGowan. Slash is 24 years of age and musically still has a lot more to say. He started music at the tender age of 13. While spending early years with his family and friends he is constantly working to perfect his musical craft and image. Slash was born with a passion for music and officially started his music career after completing high school. Dreaming to become one of the greatest artists from his county, Slash Don has teamed up with Make a Circle music label to produce some of his super-hot tracks like Carnival, Plead My Cause, Paragraph, and Medz, accompanied by his bangers like Fly, Panic, and Taboo. While earlier influences such as Gregory Isaac, Capleton, Sizzla, and others helped mold this young musician; this up-and-coming artist is fresh with a unique sound and style all his own. Whilewise beyond his years Slash Don enjoys the simplicity’s in life but also likes to take time to focus on real-life struggles and issues that surround the community. Slash Don was first introduced to Law Music by Mark My Words music Label in 2020, from there Law Music and Slash Don have collaborated on a project called Top King recorded at Make a Circle Studio. Slash and Make A Circle all look forward to working on future projects together to create some idiosyncratic sounds and lyrics. Most recently Slash has been getting some Recognition in the Uk and Canada especially since the Fly and Panics videos dropped. He has an arsenal of new music yet to be released and looks forward to new collabs on top of visit to Canada.

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