The Best Tips for Setting up a Home Gym

 The Best Tips for Setting up a Home Gym

There are days when you can’t squeeze in time to get to the gym. Eliminate the commute with these pointers that’ll help you bring the gym to your home.

So you’re thinking about signing up for a gym membership. It’s a great step that can bring about a wealth of changes and help you develop healthy habits. Taking the steps necessary to be your best self is admirable, and you’ve prepared for the learning curve. What’s holding you back? Is it finding time to commute to the gym? No need to worry because, in this article, we’ll explore the best tips for setting up a home gym that’ll take commuting out of the equation. 

Know Your Space

Whether you have a spare room that needs repurposing, a garage, or a basement, you’ll want to set aside a designated space for your equipment. The last thing you’ll want is to have workout gear lying in all different areas of your house. 

Create Your Blueprint

It could be an elaborate blueprint or a general sketch, but either way, you’ll want to map out where you’d like to place things in your new home gym. Maybe you’re into weight training and would like to add a squat and bench for your hobby. How about an open area with a timer for circuit training? These are all things to consider when mapping out your space.

Add Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is perfect for a home gym as it protects your actual flooring from damage when you drop weights. You can also add rubber mats when you need a cushion for floor exercises. 

Install a Mirror or Two

Having a mirror in your gym will allow you to check your form, especially if you’re performing new movements. It’s a great way to keep yourself accountable during your workout, and a tiny form-check here and there never hurt anyone. However, it has saved many people from injuries. 

Add Wall Storage

Consider adding storage in your home gym to keep your space remains tidy. Not only will you have a spot to keep your workout gear, but storage rails can bring a room together for that gym environment feel. 

Get a Bluetooth Speaker

While it isn’t a necessity, your workout might sometimes require you to “pump up the jam.” Music is a great way to keep you motivated throughout those circuit training days when you need a little more fun.

So why throw down on a gym membership when you’ve come across the best tips for setting up a home gym? These points will help you get started so that you’ll always be able to make time for a workout. 

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