Tyler The Creator Releases Call Me If You Get Lost to Critical Acclaim


Tyler The Creator Releases Call Me If You Get Lost to Critical Acclaim

Recently we saw Tyler The Creator release his sixth ever solo album. It also achieved financial success as the numbers are in, landing him his second ever number one. Physically, this release did over 55,000 CD sales which is impressive in the current market and is a testament to his loyal fanbase.

Critically however, it was also praised and got five star reviews from the likes of The Guardian who labeled it a 'glorious mess' amongst others. This shows the growth of Tyler over the years who has gone on to find success in his own lane. At 15 songs in length, it also had an array of features. These included stellar names such as Lil Wayne, Pharrell Williams and DJ Drama. Nonetheless, it's not like Tyler The Creator needs big names at this point.

Perhaps the reason for such a positive reception is that it shows just how far he's come. Whilst Tyler still shocks with witty lyrics, it's also got a mature sound throughout. Here, he mentions cancel culture, his own past issues and how he feels more comfortable in himself than ever. Often artists struggle for content by their sixth album...however this simply isn't the case here.

At the same time, Tyler has kept his original sound and it doesn't sway into the realms of sounding too different either. You can expect his usual slow, heavily sampled production and quirky ad-libs throughout. Overall, it's just a great piece of work. If you want to know more then go give it a listen, any fan of his previous work or Odd Future will be pleased.

Author: Tracy Akinfenwa

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