Wiz Khalifa Speaks on Fatherhood and Martial Arts in Recent Interview


Wiz Khalifa Speaks on Fatherhood and Martial Arts in Recent Interview

Since breaking onto the music scene over a decade ago, it's fair to say that Wiz Khalifa has been relentless and has achieved a lot. Just last week he also teased new music from the studio too, so his music career isn't going anywhere soon. However, in a recent interview with Brian J. Roberts, Whalifa discussed other sides of his life, including his passion for martial arts and fatherhood. Here, he spoke on how his work ethic taken from music translated into a successful mindset that he applied everywhere.

When asked about martial arts, Khalifa revealed that he'd recently invested in an MMA promotion called PFL, he said, "It's really something. Like music, I feel like martial arts has its own community. You've got superstars, people behind the scenes and legends. It's been really fun to dive into the game and meet a lot of different people. I've gotten to workout at different gyms in Brazil to New York, to Louisiana. The PFL is bringing new stars into the game like Claressa Shields. Martial arts humbles me and makes me want to grind it out and make it a life long thing."

It's no surprise that Khalifa has gone down this route, being a passionate practitioner of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai himself as well as previously handling other business roles. He also spoke glowingly about his love of fatherhood and how he applied his musical principles to his son, adding, "I love music and performance so much. Doing it for 10 years straight with no break, you feel like that's your purpose. I learned how to switch gears and I've put that same passion into my home life and stuff. I'm really happy going from working to superdad. Just be passionate 24/7."

Wiz Khalifa's latest album Taylor Nights is out now and was released in Febuary 2021.

Author: Tracy Akinfenwa

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