Events That Help You Market Your Photography Business


Events That Help You Market Your Photography Business

Spreading the word about your photography can seem impossible. But, if you know which events to hit, you can land some major business opportunities!

Becoming a successful photographer is about half artistry, half business know-how. So, just as it’s essential to make sure your pictures are beautiful and appealing, it’s also crucial to network and get your brand out into the ether. Take a little time to look into the best events that help you market your photography business, so you can start making powerful connections and landing clients.

Car Auction and Auto Shows

A couple of venues that might yield positive results for your photography business are car auctions or auto shows. While these events are sometimes easy to overlook, they have the potential to present some exciting business opportunities for you if you find a car auction that stands out. Often, the owners of display cars will pay top dollar to have professional pictures taken of them. If you take a little time to network with them, exchange information, and even offer to take photos for them, it could lead to lasting connections and opportunities for your business.

Live Music Events

Live concerts or open mic nights are also excellent events that help you market your photography business. Artistic people of all kinds flock to these musical occasions. Many of these folks are open and looking for someone to take photos for their portfolios, from independent musicians to rave models and visual artists. So, going to these events with an open mind and a networking mentality can help you meet people and gather some photography work that allows you to explore the artsier corners of your craft.

Film Festivals

Independent film festivals are one of the best ways to help you market your photography business. Film festivals are a rich area for a business opportunity because they’re networking hotspots. These events bolster thousands of directors, actors, filmmakers, and writers all in one place. Further, each of these people has a specific need for professional photos and is there to connect with their colleagues. Attending these festivals can lead to long-lasting business relationships, as well as the expansion of your network and potential clientele.

As a photographer, spreading the word about your unique artistry is a part of having a successful business with a rich clientele base. Going to events that attract artsy, open-minded people like yourself is an excellent way to boost your brand awareness and market your business.

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