Iris Setlakwe presents its Fall 2021 Collections

Iris Setlakwe presents its Fall 2021 Collections

Who says you have to choose between style and comfort? Inspired by simplicity, comfort, and elegance, Canadian designer Iris Setlakwe is releasing two elegant new collections this season – I by Iris and the Iris Setlakwe collection. 

The I by Iris collection features pieces that can be categorized as sophisticated streetwear, while the Iris Setlakwe collection is designed with working women in mind, versatile for any function, appealing to those seeking relaxed yet stylish pieces.

“Similar to the Iris Setlakwe collection, the I by Iris includes pieces that are professional and elegant  in style, but softer, less tailored with a more relaxed  feel – something to consider for those who continue  to work at home,” adds President, Founder and  Designer, Iris Setlakwe. “We inspired ourselves with  various textures and fabrics, including bamboo, cash mere and soft jersey. 

“As we designed the Iris Setlakwe collection, we felt  that it needed to be more trans-generational, keeping  in mind the young professional and her mother.  We felt this season needed clearer direction, pieces  that work together, versatility, multipurpose, and  reintroduced with vibrant new colours, less navy  and dark shades.” 

Presented in three themed categories: country chic,  romantic rock and urban mode the two collections  can be seen throughout the themes lending them selves for plenty of mix and match within your fall  wardrobe. 

COUNTRY CHIC, synonymous with cozy and comfy,  will bring the rustic charm to your fall wardrobe  when the temperature starts to drop. the chunky knit  cardigan, the challis mini paisley print twill and the  oversize mohair plaid cocoon coat, together they  serve up a perfect outfit for a cozy weekend retreat.  while the cognac, denim blue and winter white will  warm up your chilly and cold weather at your cottage.

Presented in three themed categories: urban mode, romantic rock, and country chic, both collections make it easy for you to mix and match within your fall wardrobe. 

Available on the Iris Setlakwe website, these pieces are professional and elegant but softer and less tailored with a more relaxed feel. So whether you’re headed outside or still working from home, there’s something for you.

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