Strange Outdoor Hobbies You Need To See To Believe

Strange Outdoor Hobbies You Need To See To Believe

 If going outside to throw the old pigskin around is a little too ordinary for you, then we have some of the strangest hobbies in the world for you to try.

Anybody can do normal activities outside—it takes a true creative to come up with some of the crazy stuff we’ve come across online. There’s no natural way to lead into this, so here are some strange outdoor hobbies you need to see to believe.

Extreme Ironing

Have you ever needed to iron a shirt, but your laundry room is too convenient? How about doing it on the side of a mountain or while kayaking down a river? Yeah, that sounds like a much better option.

Okay, we’re not serious, but some people do this. They find the weirdest place they can think to iron something, and they go for it. While this seems too odd for many people to attempt, it has found a following on the internet.

Trout Tickling

Yup, this is what it sounds like: you slowly reach into the water and tickle the trout’s belly. This seemingly puts them into a trance, which allows you to catch it with your bare hands. Who knows why you’d want to do this. Maybe to practice your patience skills—we don’t know. If you find yourself inclined to give it a try, look at your state’s laws and regulations because it’s illegal in some areas…for some reason.

Beetle Fighting

If tickling fish seems too calm for you, you might want to check out beetle fighting instead. This wild Japanese pastime is way more involved than we ever thought. You don’t just grab a beetle from the wild and put it next to one that your friend found for some short-term entertainment. Instead, you build arenas, set up cameras, take bets, and post the results online.

The hardcore enthusiasts even breed their top competitors to create the ultimate beetle champion. We’re shocked that PETA hasn’t shut these down yet.

Competitive Duck Herding

Nope, that’s not a typo. We meant herding. You and your teammates go out with some border collies and try to herd ducks in the same way you heard sheep. The true challenge is that you have to get them through obstacles, and ducks are a bit more stubborn than sheep. We’re not sure how this one came about, but apparently, it’s a great team-building activity for work retreats.

Dirt Polishing

Quickly, try to think of something that sounds impossible. Was it as ridiculous as dirt polishing? Because that’s evidently something you can do. It comes as no shock that this beauty came from the wonderful country of Japan as well. The process involves balling up a bunch of mud, sucking out all of the moisture, coating it with a couple of layers of standard dirt, then painstakingly polishing it until it’s a smooth sphere. The end product looks cool, but how does one even think to do this in the first place?

So, what are you waiting for: get out there and try some of these. Okay, maybe these strange outdoor hobbies are a little too out there. However, summer isn’t over yet, so get out there and enjoy some more normal activities outside. Maybe while you’re out there, you’ll change your mind about trying one of these.

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