Wind Down W/ Solitaire.Org (Online Free Games)


Wind Down W/ Solitaire.Org (Online Free Games)

I coincidentally found this webpage while searching for some web based games to play during a portion of my breeze down time, I went over a website named It has enormous selection of some cool and fun games to browse that are straightforward, simple to-work, and easy to use.

First game I played was Golf Solitaire

How To Play Golf Solitaire

The game features seven rows of cards. Thirty-five cards are laid out in five columns, face-up. 

The remaining cards are placed in a pile, or deck. The top card of the deck is placed face-up in a new pile, called a Talon. The object of the game is to get all cards into the Talon pile. 

You can move a card to the Talon if it is one number above or below the card showing on the Talon pile. You can't move the card if it is covered by another card. If you can't move a card, then you can turn-up another card from the deck and place it onto the Talon pile. 

The game is won when all cards are moved to the Talon pile. If the player is stuck and can't make another move, the game is lost. 

The game play is straight forward, smooth and easy game play with the option of sound playing some relaxing classic jazz piano playing in the background.

Game Scoring
Ten points for each card you clear from the tableau, for a maximum of 350 points. 
One hundred points for each card you have remaining in the draw pile when you complete the game, for a maximum of 1,600 points.
Bonus based on a quick game completion time.
This bonus is only granted if the game is completed in under 5 minutes.
The max time bonus is 300 & each second you play takes away from the time bonus.
If the game takes you over 5 minutes this score is set to zero rather than running into negative numbers.
If you beat the game (350 points) in a minute and 33 seconds (206 points) with 8 cards left in the draw pile (800 points) the total score would be 1,356 points.

Treasures of Atlantis

Another game I really like which had a retro feel was Treasures of Atlantis, it reminded me of a game I used to play during high school at the arcade called Bubbles.

How to Play
Swap 2 items to match 3 or more of the same items in a vertical column or horizontal row. Valid moves require you to complete a set of 3 or more.

This game has 25 levels and each level is timed.

The goal of the game is to get each part of a picture or map to the bottom of the level by removing the pieces underneath it by making matches.

As you advance through the game some pieces are locked in place. You can unlock them by using them to make a set of 3 or more in a row.

The left side of the screen offers sound control, music contorl, pause and full screen buttons.

The right side of the screen shows your current score, level, and remaining time.

If you lose any level of the game you start back at the first level on your next play.

The Last Game I tried out that I like as well was Play Pirates and Treasures a great game that keeps your mind, memory and focus up to par...

Pirates and Treasures

This game has 8 levels which are timed. Your score on each level depends on how quickly you complete the puzzle.

Each object, number, and image outline item you find is worth 200 points, and each second you have remaining is worth 3 points.

The level timer is shared as a single countdown for all 3 portions of the level.

The first level starts with 10 minutes and each subsequent level is 30 seconds shorter than the prior level, with the final level being 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

Random click guesses are punished by removing 5 seconds for each click.

Level Structure
Levels contain 3 stages:

find ten objects in the picture matching the objects shown at the bottom of the screen
find the numbers one to thirty in the same level
find 8objects based on their outline
Each time you play a particular level the selected items and item order changes. At the bottom of the screen 9 items to find are shown for the hidden objects portion of the level. The hidden numbers portion of the level shows the numbers 1 to 30 and removes them as you find them. Then the bonus round shows you how many of the differences you found out of the 4 that exist.

With more than 100 games, and classifications Solitaire.Org is a website I suggest you look at in your extra time, you wont be disappointed.

 The most popular versions of solitaire are the core 5 games:

Klondike - also known as classic solitaire or simply as solitaire
Freecell - game has 4 free cells you can temporarily store cards in
Spider - game where you create a royal flush on the tableau to remove the cards from the playing field. play 1, 2 or 4 suits
Pyramid - sum pairs of cards to 13, with the king being worth 13
Tripeaks- three overlapping pyramids where you can remove cards one above or below the top card on the waste pile
Golf - 35 cards across 7 columns in the tableau with 17 cards in the stock pile. play in easy or hard mode where the deck wraps or does not. They also have a version of this game with wildcards

Here is a full listing of other versions they offer:

Ace of Hearts - build a single ascending foundation from Ace to King starting with the Ace of Hearts and working upward 4 times until all cards are in the foundation.
Ace of Spades - each of the 10 timed levels has a unique playing field but it is a sequential run game similar to Tripeaks
Ali Baba
Algerian Patience - 8 foundations, tableau starts off with few cards in 8 rows while the reserve stacks are deep and you get 5 draws from the draw pile
Castles in Spain
Chirstmas - holiday themed solitaire game with 5 levels.
Classic - timed 3-level game which is turn 1, turn 2 then turn 3 as you progress through the rounds.
Crescent - large tableau where you can stack cards by suit in ascending or descending order until moving them across to the 8 foundations
Cup of Tea
Double - compete against a computer player in a timed game of Klondike where you both can lay cards to each other's foundations
Egypt - 100 level game where you make pairs using cards on the tableau or from within the reserve
Eight Off
Forty Thieves
FreeCell - game has 4 free cells you can temporarily store cards inDaily Freecell - a new game everyday
Baker's Game
Double Freecell - two decks
Penguin - like a suit-based modified freecell with more free cells & the need to build foundations from an arbitrary number in the middle of the deck.
Russian Freecell - somewhat similar to regular freecell except only around half the cards are turned over initially & a freecell is removed after each round.
Spider Freecell - 2 of the 4 free cells come pre-filled. You can move sequential runs of cards even if the free cells are full, provided the descending cards alternate suit color.
Stronghold - starts off with 4 free cells and has one less for each level until they final level only has 1.
Two Cell - like freecell but with 2 empty cells
Three Cell - like freecell but with 3 empty cells
Yukon Freecell - a popular version of freecell with 7 columns on the tableau & the top 5 cards shown face up on each of the 6 tableau columns
Golf - play in easy or hard mode where the deck wraps or does not
Golf Solitaire Pro - contains wild cards & cards wrap
Klondike - turn 1 or turn 3Classic Klondike - alternate version of the game where you can also select between draw 1 and draw 3
Gargantua Double Klondike - two deck game
Secret Double Klondike - every other card in the tableau is shown while every other is hidden
Glow - like Klondike, but with a time limit & the number of columns on the tableau and time limit decrease as you advance
La Belle Lucie - 18 stacks of 3 cards each on the tableau
Lightning - get rid of your 38 cards faster than the computer can by laying them on 4 sequential discard piles.
Neptune - pair up consecutive cards in either direction. 6 cards are laid on the tableau & the game has jokers.
Pyramid - sum cards to 13Giza Pyramid - variation of pyramid where the reserve pile is face up in columns of 3 at the bottom of the screen
Maya Pyramid - sum 2 or more cards to 11, contains jokers
Russian - Yukon-styled solitaire
Scorpion - popular game with three difficulty levels to choose from.
Spider - play 1, 2 or 4 suitsBlack Widow
Huge Spider
Tarantula - you can move sequential runs of cards on the tableau even if they are not suited
Taj Mahal - similar to Klondike with about a half-dozen different exceptions including protected cards (too many differences to list all here, but they are explained on the game page).
Thieves of Egypt - alternate suit color on the tableau of 10 columns and build up the 8 foundations in ascending order from the Ace. We also have a version of this game using a Pharaoh-inspired design.
Tripeaks- three overlapping pyramids where you can remove cards one above or below the top card on the waste pile
Troy - 100-level pair matching quest
Zero 21 - keep the total between 1 and 20

In addition to there collection of solitaire games they offer many other online card games.
Crazy Eights - shedding game where players lay cards from their hand on the waste pile by matching rank or suit. Eights are wild.
Euchre - trick taking game with partners where players choose a trump suit. this game offers both American and UK variants
Gin Rummy - a faster & more popular alternative to Rummy
Hearts - avoid winning tricks with a heart in them or the queen of spades unless you can shoot the moon by winning them all
Mau Mau - shedding card game similar to Crazy Eights.
Pesten - shedding game similar to Crazy Eights, includes Jokers.
Rummi - Rummikub game which is a fusion of Rummy and Mahjong
Spite and Malice - game where you build foundations trying to get rid of the 20 cards in your stock pile before your opponent does
Spite and Malice Extreme - this game is similar to the original Spite and Malice game, except you can also use your opponent's temporary hold cards and they can use yours
Thirty One - try to score as close to 31 as you can in a single suit or get 3 of a kind. Pass when you have a good hand and the player with the worst cards loses.

Mahjong Solitaire Tile Games
Check out their fun online mahjong games.
Daily Mahjong - daily puzzle game which offers solitaire, connect & triple mahjong options
10 Mahjong - add 2 of the same kind of tiles together summing to 10
Black and White Dimensions - 3D game where you match a black tile with a white one
China Mahjong - fantastic mahjong game with 245 unique playable board configurations.
Cooking Mahjong - cook dishes by matching recipe ingredients
Discover Egypt - 10-level game with hieroglyphics tiles
Golden Autumn Mahjong - mahjong slide game
Jungle Connect - connect 2 tiles using a vertical or horizontal line which has no more than two 90 degree turns in it
Mahjong 3D - three dimensional cubed games
Mahjong 3D Time - cubed game with timed levels
Mahjong 2048 - Mahjong tile themed version of the 2048 game
Mahjong Black White 2 Untimed - classic black and white tiles
Mahjong Card Solitaire - for that playing card cross over feel
Mahjong Sequence - remove tiles in the order shown at the bottom of the screen
Mahjong Solitaire - play 4 different tile types on 4 different board types
Mahjongg Titans - classic mahjong titans game with the turtle board
Panda Mahjong - cute 50-level game

Hidden Object Games
Play a variety of hidden object games online for free.
China Temple - somewhat hard hidden object game which contains objects, numbers, and spot the difference features in each of the 10 levels
Circus Adventure - find 10 objects, 30 numbers and 4 spot the differences in each of the game's 10 levels. An easier game similar to China Temple.
Garden Secrets Hidden Objects - this is a tradtional hidden objects game
Hidden Kitchen - 10-level culinary themed game
Hidden Princess - challenging 3-level hidden object game where items are deeply embedded into the landscape
Medieval Castle Hidden Objects - find the numbers 1 to 30 hidden in each level
Pirates and Treasures - 8 -level hidden object game with hidden numbers and item outline features.
The Palace Hotel - easy 10-level hidden object game

Match 3 Games
Play free match 3 games which were inspired by the likes of Candy Crush and Zuma.
Candy House - fun 50-level match 3 game
Treasures of Atlantis - 25 level connect 3 game
Zuma Ball - 10-level tile matching ball shooter game which is a fusion of Zuma and pinball.
Zuma Legend - 100-level Zuma ball shooting game.

Other Fun Games
Cookie Monster - a PacMan inspired game where the ghosts turn into cookies when you eat a power pellet. :D
Daily Bridges - connect islands using bridges in this math-based logic puzzle. This game offers a new puzzle each day along with multiple difficulty levels and puzzle sizes.
Daily Crossword - a new puzzle everyday
Daily Sokoban - Logic puzzle where you push boxes around a warehouse to place them on marked locations.
Daily Sudoku - New online & printable sudoku puzzles every day. Choose to play easy, medium, hard or expert difficulty levels.
Daily Tracks - use the clues on the left side and top side of the board to build a winding railroad track that satisfies all the numerical values.
Daily Word Search - play a 12x12, 14x14 or 16x16 word search puzzle game with a new puzzle every day.
Letter Scramble - Scrabble-styled online game where you spell as many words as you can before the time runs out.
Tennis - 1 versus 1 tennis match against the computer

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