The Benefits of Becoming a Volunteer Firefighter


The Benefits of Becoming a Volunteer Firefighter

The benefits of becoming a volunteer firefighter offer both intrinsic and financial rewards. Start by learning what you’ll get back with this opportunity.

When you want to get more involved in your community, several opportunities are at your disposal. It can be as simple as joining a recreational league or taking an art class, but becoming a volunteer firefighter can be more exciting. Learning the benefits of becoming a volunteer firefighter will prepare you for this exciting venture. 

Becoming a Community Superhero

Becoming a volunteer firefighter requires many inherent qualities. Demonstrating leadership and dedication while being able to sacrifice your body takes some guts. However, finding a way to give back to your community gives you a sense of accomplishment and pride. Serving your community will make you feel like a friendly neighborhood superhero, considering how you’ll fully immerse yourself in daily interactions with folks. Knowing that you may save someone from a significant loss will motivate you to jump into this endeavor. 

Additional Income

In most cases, people aren’t becoming volunteer firefighters for the paycheck. Nevertheless, some financial benefits may interest you. First, you are gaining some additional income. You won’t be able to quit your day job, but most fire stations will reimburse you for your time, fuel costs, meals, and firefighting equipment. Other financial benefits include tax deductions, seasonal bonuses, retail discounts, and subsidized insurance. 

Start a Career Path

Even if becoming a firefighter isn’t your end game, the connections you develop with everyone in the community will open doors to several opportunities. If you are looking into a public service career path, showing potential employers that you have experience as a volunteer firefighter shows them you are an asset. Furthermore, the fact you are volunteering shows everyone that you are willing to take on tough jobs, which may excite many people who are actively hiring.

Academic Scholarships

Furthering your higher education can cost a pretty penny, and scholarships can be an excellent resource to relieve the financial pressures. Volunteer firefighters are eligible for several scholarships that can total over $10,000 of additional assistance. It helps to have as much experience as possible when applying, so get involved when you can. While those are some of the benefits of becoming a volunteer firefighter, you may think of some supplementary benefits that speak directly to your motives. No matter what, it’s something great and admirable for anyone to do. 

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