The Multi Talented Businessman @smoovegotti216


The Multi Talented Businessman

Deron Smoove Gotti Rattliff aka Smoove Gotti is a multi talented businessman and entertainer from Cleveland, Ohio. Smoove is a hip hop and r&b artist, actor, filmmaker, and fashion designer. Smoove is the CEO of I C Green Entertainment and Circle Of Success Society Fashion. In the last few years Smoove has become an established film maker. Smoove and business partner Jon Lavalle started a movie production company named Wizemindz. He was a lead actor in the movie Life Lessons and is currently filming a movie named The Capp. Smoove is also on board of the crew of CEO’s of RWAW Entertainment. Smoove Gotti and his Circle Of Success Society Fashion line was featured on Episode 199 of TK Kirklands Podcast show. TK Kirklaand and Wallo267 of A Million Dollas Worth of Game Podcast are have endorsed Smoove Gotti's Circle Of Success Society Fashion brand on Instagram. Smoove Gotti’s music is an experience. Smoove is truly versatile lyrically and picks a slew of different types of production.


Smoove Gotti

Boss Convo, Pt. 1

Smoove Gotti, Undisputed216

L'S & W'S

Smoove Gotti

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