Best Strategy for Law School Applications


Best Strategy for Law School Applications

Applying to law school may seem daunting, but these tips on perfecting your law school strategy will help you overcome any obstacles in your way.

While law school may seem scary and challenging, anyone who wants to be a lawyer or legal advisor needs to apply. Use this best strategy for law school applications to learn some dos and don’ts in your application. 

Keep a Few Schools in Mind
Similar to when you applied to undergrad, keep a few law schools in mind as you apply. The best reference is a two-two-three ratio: two reach schools, two match schools, and three safeties. To help clarify, a reach school is a law school with higher-than-average LSAT and GPA scores than yours. While you should apply to any school you feel you’ll fit into, these schools are harder to get into. Match schools are law schools with LSAT and GPA scores that match yours. You have a good chance of acceptance. Safeties are schools with average LSAT and GPA scores less than yours, and you’ll more than likely get in. Do your research and start thinking about which reach, match, and safety programs best suit you.

Do Well on the LSAT
As obvious as it seems, your LSAT is one of the main factors in your application. Law programs value the LSAT, or Law School Admission Test, as an integral part of the application process that tests the skills necessary for success in law school. Law school is predominantly reading- and writing-focused. Without these skills, as well as critical thinking and problem-solving, students may struggle with their studies. That’s why the LSAT prepares you for what to expect in your first year. If you excel at the LSAT, law schools consider you a top contender for the field.

Start the Application Early
Don’t wait until the last minute to write your application. Whether it’s asking for recommendation letters, submitting your last scores, or finishing your essay, don’t wait. Give yourself plenty of time to write your application. Think of this as your ticket to law school. Learn your school’s submission dates. Then, prepare your application well in advance. If you need help with any part of the application or feel overwhelmed, a law school application consultant will help you through the process.

Personalize Your Essay
As part of the best strategy for law school applications, personalize your essay. No one got into law school with a cookie-cutter essay. The essay portion is your final opportunity to share your goals and aspirations. Law schools consider your GPA and LSAT scores, but they also want to see how you stand out as a person. Use this opportunity to explain your background, personal experiences, and achievements that you feel will help you in your future legal career.

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