New BMW M240i lifts off in Rocket League - @bmwcanada

New BMW M240i lifts off in Rocket League

Rocket League, developed by US company Psyonix, offers a unique hybrid of arcade football and action-packed driving pleasure – making it the perfect fit for the dynamic, extroverted BMW M240i. Cars that can drive, jump and even fly, require a high level of gaming intelligence, strategic thinking and fast reactions.

“Flying, rocket-powered cars that you can play football with is something that I dreamed about when I was young,” said Stefan Ponikva, VP BMW Brand Communication and Experience. “Rocket League makes this dream come true for its huge community. The virtual Rocket League arenas are the perfect playground for a young target audience enthusiastic about the digital world – and therefore for BMW Esports as well. For the first time, we are bringing our own car to the pitch. The driving characteristics of the new BMW M240i make it a brilliant fit for Rocket League and Esports as a whole. We’re also supplying cool designs and additional in-game items in collaboration with Psyonix. I’m confident that Rocket League gamers – both amateurs and pros alike – will have a great deal of fun with the car.”

BMW Esports is Title Sponsor of the BMW Rocket League Open, one of the most important events in the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) on 6th and 7th November. The BMW Freestyle Tournament gets underway on 4th November, in which invited contestants go head to head in knock-out rounds, exclusively with the virtual BMW M240i. The winner of the tournament, who will be determined as part of the BMW Rocket League Open programme, will receive 10,000 US dollars out of the overall 25,000 US dollar total prize pool for the event. The community has a week (4th to 10th November) to purchase the virtual version of the new BMW M240i sporting the ‘United in Rivalry’ livery for thrilling Rocket League matches.

As the top model in the BMW 2 Series, the BMW M240i impresses with its vehicle concept that is consistently geared towards dynamism, its athletic, extroverted design, powerful engines and high-quality chassis technology. The compact, agile two-door car appeals to exactly the young target audience that has a strong representation in the Rocket League community. The BMW M240i has an in-line six-cylinder petrol engine with 275kW/374bhp. Rocket propulsion is only available as standard in the virtual version for the moment.

The BMW Freestyle Tournament will be shown live on the BMW Esports Twitch channel on 4th November from 18:00 CET:

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