The Top Materials To Use for Laser-Cut Projects


The Top Materials To Use for Laser-Cut Projects

Are you new to the world of laser cutting? This one-of-a-kind hobby can create some fantastic projects, and these are the top materials to use.

Laser cutting is a unique hobby that helps a person explore their creative side. If you’ve begun dabbling in this hobby, you’re probably wondering what materials you should use for different projects. These are the top materials to use for laser-cut projects. 


Wood is one of the most popular laser-cutting materials available. Professionals and beginners alike commonly turn to wood for engravings and carvings. If you’re working on a project where you’ll need to slice all the way through, work with thin pieces of wood. 

Medium-density fiberboard (MDF) and plywood are the typical low-cost options. Bamboo is an excellent environmentally friendly option. Practice on plywood or MDF before working on expensive options. 


Foam is great for kid’s projects, seals, and inserts. It’s not ideal for home projects, but it’s an excellent material to use as a tester. Cut custom foam puzzle pieces with the laser for your children to enjoy. 


One of the cheapest and easiest materials to cut with a laser is cardboard. You can create items such as business cards and model-building pieces. There are three different types of cardboard: cellulose, corrugated, and grey. Cellulose and grey cardboard will be your best option for crafting. 

Leather is a material you should use only after you’ve perfected your skills. It’s an expensive material that creates exquisite-looking projects. Leather is perfect for making:

  • Wallets

  • Belts

  • Purses

  • Jewelry

  • Artwork

When you’re working with leather, make sure the piece is held tightly. Avoid any warping. 

Acrylic and Plastic

Another top material to use for laser-cut projects is plastic or acrylic. These two materials can create some truly magical pieces. They’re excellent for jewelry, signs, wall art, and ornaments. There are more varieties of acrylic than wood. 

Plexiglass is a standard acrylic option to work with in the laser-cutting world. It comes in many different thicknesses.


You can also use a laser to cut cardboard. If you have any project that requires cardboard, cutting it with a laser makes the process much easier. Furthermore, thick cardstock works quite well for many projects (especially when you’re making custom cards.) 


There aren’t many materials that are off-limits when it comes to laser cutting. However, glass should only be used for engravings. Avoid materials that contain chlorine, such as PVC or vinyl. 
If you’re still not sold on your laser cutting abilities, hiring a professional laser cutting and engraving service will guarantee your project will look the way it’s supposed to. 

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