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TwonDon - Hood Hop Forever

In week two of TwonDon's 3 - song release installment, the UpperClass artist is back with another single titled "Hood Hop Forever." 

The inception of this record comes from TwonDon paying homage & showing love to the first artist to give him a co-sign / record deal when his career first started taking off. Most don't know that, that artist was Jkwon - who's responsible for the hit song "Tipsy." 

At the end of this record, you'll hear a rare soundbite of TwonDon & Jkwon on the phone showing each other love. 

"Hood Hop Forever" is a little more relaxed and drawn back as a record but Twon still manages to float over this piano sampled instrumental and get his point across that he's here to stay as an emcee. 

TwonDon - Hood Hop Forever - @twondonuc TwonDon - Hood Hop Forever - @twondonuc Reviewed by FADED4U on November 16, 2021 Rating: 5

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