What To Know Before Starting Your Etsy Shop


What To Know Before Starting Your Etsy Shop

Want to start selling on Etsy? Here’s what to know before starting your Etsy shop, so you can become your own boss and sell products that customers will love!

Do you have a specific product that you think people would love? Here’s what to know before starting your Etsy shop! Many people open their Etsy shops with the hopes of making some cash on the side while working full-time.

What’s your goal for starting an Etsy shop? Are you hoping to make this your full-time gig? Whatever your goal is, I’m here to help you get started!

Use a Separate Bank Account
Using the same checking account for personal and business purposes is a rookie move. Doing this can blur the lines between your money and business expenses, which is a quick route to unnecessary debt.
Try opening a bank account separate from your personal to make budgeting easier down the road. This account doesn’t necessarily have to be a “business” account, just something to help you differentiate between your expenses.

Take Quality Photos
Photos are everything! A great way to start your Etsy shop is by taking quality photos of your products. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a $3,000 camera. Today’s smartphones come with upgraded camera abilities, so you can start by using your phone.
Over time, you may want to invest in something more professional to make your products more enticing to the customer.

Establish Your Brand
Running your Etsy shop is like running your own business. To run a business, you need branding! Think about what makes your products unique and build around that to stand out in the sea of other products.
What are your favorite colors? Throw those in there when creating your logo! Promoting your brand is like promoting yourself. Show your customers what makes you so awesome! 

Choose Your Name
A few years ago, I was looking to buy a bracelet for my friend’s birthday. I was trying to decide between two bracelets: one Etsy owner’s name was something like Sarah’s Jewelry, and the other’s name was Designosaurus. I’m sure you know which one I chose. Yes, I chose the latter literally because of their creative and eye-catching name (their bracelet was pretty nice, though).
Make sure to think of a name that represents your brand and how you want your customers to view you. Be creative, innovative, and dynamic when brainstorming names!

Be Responsive
When customers reach out to you, be responsive. I’ve messaged many Etsy sellers—when in a hurry to buy something—to ask about their product, and if they didn’t get back to me within a few days, I’d move on to the next seller.
As a business owner, getting back to your customers is critical to your shop’s success!

Ship Your Products Properly
When you ship your products, make sure your packaging matches your branding. More importantly, pack your customer’s items efficiently by using the right packaging tape to protect the products. When your customer opens their package, they’ll know it’s from your Etsy business!

Understanding what to know before starting your Etsy shop is a great way to start up your enterprise without the significant overhead of establishing a brick-and-mortar shop. Start creating and get paid!

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