7 Quick Tips To Get Your Car Ready for Winter


7 Quick Tips To Get Your Car Ready for Winter

As you prepare for the weather this season, you’ll want to include your vehicle on your winter checklist. Here are some quick tips to prep your car for the cold.

Some car-owners don’t realize the havoc that winter can bring. Temperature drops can significantly affect tire pressure, and ice and salt can damage your vehicle’s exterior. But those are only the beginning of your problems. Most importantly, prepping your vehicle for the seasonal change enables you to address safety concerns that would otherwise go unnoticed during this time. Here are seven quick tips to get your car ready for winter that can improve performance and comfort during this time. 

Get a Tune-Up
Tune-ups should occur every 30,000 miles. However, if your car’s scheduled tune-up appointment is likely to happen during the winter months, consider having a mechanic perform an assessment a bit early. A tune-up will ensure that everything is in working order before the harsh weather sets in.

Get Your Tires Checked
During your tune-up, you can ask the specialist to assess your vehicle’s tires to ensure that pressure levels are within a normal range. This would also be a good time to consider switching your tires for winter options with better tread.

Change Your Oil
Cold temperatures can cause your car’s oil to flow slowly, putting stress on the engine. Over time, this can create problems in the motor and contribute to decreased performance. Your best bet is to change your oil to a thinner alternative during the winter months.

Assess Your Engine’s Coolant Levels
In the wintertime, your car’s coolant-to-water ratio should be 60-40 to prevent the engine from overheating or freezing. 

Check Your Battery
Your vehicle’s engine will need more current from the battery to start and continue operating through the day’s cold temperatures. To assess your battery, turn on the headlights before starting the engine. If the lights turn brighter when you start the engine, that can indicate low battery levels. 

Change Your Wipers and Washer Fluid
Using washer fluid that contains an antifreeze solution can benefit your wipers in freezing temperatures. Remember that windshield wiper replacements work best for six months before they need replacing. 

Have Your Car Detailed
This step is entirely optional, but having your vehicle’s paint job detailed is an excellent way to protect the paint from damaging snow and salt. A detailer’s schedule can fill up quickly during this time of year, so consider cleaning out your vehicle beforehand and booking an appointment when you can.
Whether you’re ready or not, winter weather is near, and it can cause a shift in your plans—especially if you live in a cold-weather state or plan to visit family in a colder climate. Following these quick tips can get your car ready for winter and save you money.

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