Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Honeybees


Interesting Facts You Never Knew About Honeybees

Bees may seem like an ordinary insects, but these buzzing creatures are fascinating. Learn some of the most surprising facts about honeybees here.

When most people think of honeybees, they likely imagine honey. Others may associate them with stinging. However, these two common thoughts are far from a summation of how important a role bees play in our ecosystem. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most interesting facts you never knew about honeybees.

Honeybees Account for One in Every Three Bites of Food We Eat.
You may have heard that honeybees are major pollinators. However, this statement doesn’t quite encompass just how essential bees are to the world’s food supply chain. Honeybees account for one in every three bites of food humans eat daily. The loss of their pollination would result in significant food shortages. Honeybees’ contribution to the food supply system are only one reason why preventing honeybee extinction is crucial.

Honeybees Recognize Human Faces.
Many people don’t know that honeybees recognize faces. Studies show that these insects can detect and recognize human faces and recall memories. Many people assume honeybees have weak memories, but this is entirely false. Honeybees must have potent memories to remember which flowers they have already pollinated. As a result, the buzzing bee in your backyard can recognize your face, so think twice before swatting at the harmless insect.

Honeybees Have Five Eyes.
Do you ever feel like a bee is following you? Part of the reason why it’s so hard to hide from this insect is that honeybees have five eyes! This fact surprises most people because, at a glance, honeybees seem to have two eyes, one on each side of their heads. However, three small eyes sit in the center of bees’ foreheads as well. So if you find yourself avoiding a buzzing bee, remember that hiding from this insect is pointless. Instead, stay still and wait for it to realize you’re not a flower.

All Worker Honeybees Are Female.
Most people have a general understanding of how bees operate outside the hive, but few know how bees work inside their hives. An interesting fact about honeybees is that all worker bees are female. Inside the hive, female bees work alongside the queen to produce honey and protect the hive. Male bees, otherwise known as drone bees, collect nectar and venture outside the hive. 
A honeybee is no average insect. We hope these interesting facts you never knew about honeybees have illuminated some of these creatures’ most surprising traits. As you come across more bees in your backyard, remember to keep these key facts in mind.

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