A Woman’s Guide to Living Alone in the Big City

A Woman’s Guide to Living Alone in the Big City

As a woman, it can be terrifying to move to a big city on your own. Hopefully, these tips will help you feel more confident about doing it when the time comes.

Moving with a friend or two to a populated city is the go-to choice; unfortunately, it’s not always an option. There will likely come a time where you’ll have to live alone for a while; that’s scary as a woman. There’s no longer a need to fear, though, because you’ve found a woman’s guide to living alone in the big city, which will help you feel more at ease about this life-changing event.

Find a Good Real Estate Agent
While it may seem a bit cliché, there are still many men (and sometimes even other women) who try to take advantage of a woman who doesn’t know what to look for in an apartment. That’s why you’ll want to hire someone who knows what they’re talking about. It will cost you extra, but that will be money well-spent to avoid an overpriced, broken-down apartment with a shady landlord.

Safeguard Your Apartment
After you move in, you’ll want to set up some protections for yourself. You should invest in a good-quality home security system if you have the money. However, if that seems like overkill, you can go more old-fashioned with either a baseball bat or firearm. Just make sure you get the kind that best suits 
you if you go with a gun.Also, this should go without saying, but lock your door at all times. This even applies when you’re at home. Whether you’re home alone or have some friends over, anyone could walk into your apartment at any point, so it’s better not to give them that opportunity.

Take a Self Defense Class
If you decide not to have a weapon in your household, consider taking a self-defense class instead. While you will hopefully never have to use those skills, it doesn’t hurt to know them to stay safe. Take the time to figure out which types are available in your area to determine which will be the best fit for you.

Find a Neighbor You Can Trust
Since you’re not living with someone you can trust, it would be a good idea to find a neighbor that you can rely on. Whether you need to borrow some sugar for a recipe or need someone you can turn to if you’re in trouble, having a dependable neighbor can make a world of difference.

Bring Something To Look Busy With
Unfortunately, trouble doesn’t always come to your front door. More often than not, you’ll be out and about when something goes wrong. That’s why we’re wrapping up this woman’s guide to living alone in the big city with a tip for when you’re on the go: bring something to make yourself look busy. Phones and books are some of the best choices available.
People are less likely to bother you if you look like you’re doing something. This is even more true if you’re talking on the phone with someone. The last thing a criminal wants is a witness that they have no way of stopping.


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