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 Gold & Wood by Hoet Design

Layer by layer, the Gold & Wood collection gets their sophisticated and recognizable look of classic styles with a luxury feeling.

Their heritage of combining precious materials like metal and wood not only refers to the dashboards and details of wood often used in luxury high- end car designs, but also the famous RIVA boats expressing, style, heritage, craftsmanship and freedom.

Inspired by above, HOET designed on behalf of GOLD and WOOD 6 models for which the metal details are put in the spotlights. 

The previous subtle, yet recognisable lining realised by the sandwich material wood and aluminium becomes more present by 2 means:

1- Edged details in the upper corners of the frame give more visibility to the laminated aluminium in side view.
2- The lower part of the frame is realised in CNC milled aluminium offering a modern , timeless look.

The HOET signature, is spotted right away and targets a wearer that values quality and a design that is in line with his/ her lifestyle.

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