Karter Zaher - THATS HARAM (Music Video) - @KarterZaher


Karter Zaher - THATS HARAM (Music Video)

Pool, Women, Mercedes, Fashion and Jewelry dripping for days this video has all that and much much more. Coming from the mind of Director Tandre' Miles (XI Visuals) this video is jam packed and when it starts out all you can think of is Machine Gun Kelly in his pop-punk style these days but then it ramps up and catches fire like an explosion scene in Die Hard, shout out to Bruce Willis. "That's Haram" may not mean much to you but in the Muslim community it means That's wrong and only through the visuals, storyline and lyrical genius of KZ can the rest of the world outside of the Muslim Community see that they are all real people just like me and you. Not terrorists but damn do they know how to have fun too and humor is on top of that list next to Hookah's and Food.

Can Muslim in Hollywood still be a Holy Man?

When Karter Zaher's was asked about his inspiration behind the video he was not at a loss for words:

Imagine putting restrictions on a kid living in Hollywood. It seems like everything he does is against his religion. He gets scrutinized for being human. Haram this, Haram that, everything he does is Haram. 

Connect With KZ: http://www.instagram.com/karterzaher https://www.tiktok.com/@karter_zaher http://www.facebook.com/karterzaher http://www.karterzaher.com

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