'LOL' & $110 EP - @skippwhitman


 'LOL' & $110 EP

The song is a letter to those who doubted, laughed, or otherwise overlooked. It's funny to me how after sticking to your vision for long enough, those same people come around and congratulate you.

The EP, called 8K (prod by ANIMALMILK!), is currently only being sold on $25 gold bar flashdrives at skippwear.com. The first listen/copy sold for $110 on ebay. 

LOL featured on 8K prod by ANIMALMILK!
buy gold bars @ skippwear.com 

shot, edited, and colored by Skipp Whitman
additional shooting by Jamai Fisher
audio mixed by Jeremy Page

'LOL' & $110 EP - @skippwhitman  'LOL' & $110 EP - @skippwhitman Reviewed by FADED4U on January 14, 2022 Rating: 5

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