Top Tips for a Great Dog Boarding Experience


Top Tips for a Great Dog Boarding Experience

Boarding your pet is an exceptional option for your dog while you’re out of town. These are the top tips for a great dog boarding experience.

Pet owners may be wary about using a boarding facility while they’re away from home, but boarding is a great option. There are various benefits of boarding your fur baby, but we’re going to discuss the top tips for a great dog boarding experience today to prepare you for when the day comes.

Provide Medical Records

Hopefully, nothing goes sideways while you’re gone, but it’s a great idea to allow the facility where you’re boarding your dog access to their medical records. Ensure they know how to contact your dog’s vet and provide them with a copy of your pet’s records. 

Take some time to talk with employees about the facility’s protocol when a pet becomes sick or hurt while your pup is there. Talk about your expectations regarding how they’ll handle the situation if your fur baby needs medical attention. Of course, if your dog is boarding at their vet, you won’t have to worry because they’ll have the records. 

Lower Your Dog’s Stress Level

Stress is a significant factor in developing illnesses at boarding facilities because it suppresses their immune system. Also, dogs sleep near each other and can easily pass airborne infectious diseases back and forth. 
Request a tour of the different spaces where your dog will be sleeping and playing. A few questions to answer:

  • Are dogs allowed to play together, or are they isolated?
  • Are their kennels wired or surrounded by solid walls?
  • Is the facility noisy or quiet?
  • In regards to bedding and temperature, is the place comfortable?

Bring Your Dog’s Food

Many boarding facilities will provide food for your pet, but switching your dog’s diet can develop gastrointestinal issues. Provide specific information with staff regarding how much your fur baby should get at each meal and how they prepare their meals. For example, if you mix your dry and wet food, let the staff know to avoid your dog getting sick. 

Backup Contact Information

The last tip for a great boarding experience is to provide the facility with information about who to contact in the chance that they can’t reach you. It should be someone that you trust to make medical decisions on your behalf. 

You should also let them know how much money you’re comfortable spending if they can’t reach you or the backup contact, and the facility must make an emergency decision.

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