What Your Jewelry Style Picks Say About You


What Your Jewelry Style Picks Say About You

A person's style and accessories can provide insight into personality and interests before making a conversation. Here's what your accessories say about you.

Humans are visual and tend to infer connections based on what is in front of them. With first impressions being some of the most nerve-wracking situations, they are also opportunities to showcase your best ensemble and give others a bit of insight into who you are.

Out of all the fashion elements, jewelry is one of the most individualistic components that expresses your tastes and interests. To learn more about what your jewelry style picks say about you, continue reading below.

Show Stopper
Individuals who own multiple statement pieces in their collection enjoy making an impact. Their fashion and accessory choices allow them to express their lively personality and intrigue others. When standing out from others is the goal, you can do no wrong with your favorite collar necklace or chunky gem ring.

Delicate and Romantic
Most people first think of hearts and love when they hear the word "romantic.” While still very accurate, this jewelry style ventures a bit deeper than the conventional heart charms. 
Romantics are open to love and beauty in the world. Delicate chains, soft details, and rose gold are usually what catch this personality's eye when it comes to down to accessorizing.

Dreamy and Whimsical
Whimsical individuals enjoy living life to the fullest and the fun experiences it brings. You can count on their jewelry style, incorporating intricate charm bracelets and pendant necklaces with dreamy elements.

Artsy and Creative
Artistic individuals have a keen eye for detail and appreciate one-of-a-kind pieces that are fun and filled with character. Creative people invoke interest and always have a story to tell, whether through words, their art, or their ensemble.

Blinged Out
Bling has never been a bad thing! Those who love to shine through opulent diamond chains and thick link bracelets have a sense of style that only a few can pull off. 
These individuals have huge personalities, and they often let it show through their wrist game to elevate the presence of their outfit.

Classic and Timeless
If pearls are the go-to accessory for you, consider your style as more classic and timeless. Individuals who enjoy simple diamond earrings and a solid gold band on their fingers prefer tried and true. 
While some may point out the lack of interest in this style, a classic pearl necklace never stops trending.

Bold and Unique
Those with bold and unique personalities display their quirky personality through their fashion and accessories. Huge chains and mixed metal pieces are what you could in their collection as they incorporate a bit of each jewelry style to create their own. 
What your jewelry style says about you is a way to express yourself. Fashion is an art, and at the end of the day, the message that your style and accessories convey should stay true to who you are.

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