When it comes to re-imagining those classic military cuts we have all learned to love, no one does it better than our boys over at WTAPS. Director Tetsu Nishiyama created WTAPS in 1996 off of his pure love for the outdoors, street culture, and military-style. He continues to deliver top notch quality while staying true to the roots of the brand. WTAPS is the perfect balance of urban and rural. On some real outdoorsmen vibes, WTAPS isn't just creating a look, these garments are made for the rugged lifestyle of which they are inspired from.
Synthetic leather batting jacket. The lining is made of recycled fiber, and the batting is filled with OEKO-TEX® recycled fiber sash. It features a large standing collar that opens and closes with a snap button, and V-shaped stitching. The back is embossed with wtvua.

WTAPS TTL / JACKET / SYNTHETIC WTAPS TTL / JACKET / SYNTHETIC Reviewed by FADED4U on January 21, 2022 Rating: 5

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