Dessert Liquors To Help Relax After Work


Dessert Liquors To Help Relax After Work

Even the best of workers experience long and challenging days. To help yourself settle, here are some dessert liquors to help you relax after work.

Drudging through a stressful workday can be tough. From dealing with customers who always think they’re right to sitting through meetings that could’ve been an email, the only thing you likely have in mind is getting home and relaxing. Here are some dessert liquors to help relax after work. These mixed drinks are sure to provide a welcome treat after the usual day-to-day efforts.

Make It Creamy
You don’t want to have to work hard to relax. With these creamy concoctions, you can whip something up in a few minutes and be back just in time to finish re-watching your favorite romcom.

Irish Cream Hot Chocolate
Simplicity is key, and all you’ll need is a prepped mug of your favorite hot chocolate and pour as much Irish cream to make you satisfied. If you want the taste of nostalgia with a mature touch, this simple beverage is sure to satiate your after-hours craving. Plus, this drink isn’t limited to the wintertime, either.

White Russian
More than a beautiful person, the white Russian is a classic cocktail that introduces coffee liqueur, vodka, and heavy cream in an elegant dance of flavor. This popular drink is reminiscent of a tipsy latte and made with equal parts coffee liqueur and heavy cream to one part vodka over ice. It’s sure to soothe your day and help you celebrate your time off.

Add Some Rum
Rum is an easy addition to many drinks that helps create a tasty night concoction with a bit of a kick. But rum comes in many types, and with it comes many creative cocktails that involve more than just adding in some soda.

The Bushwhacker
If you want to take ‘dessert’ literally, this is the cocktail for you. Prepare your sweet tooth because this playful drink combines coffee liqueur, coconut rum, overproof rum, and ice cream to make a rebellious milkshake. Though it may seem like a lot to put in, the ice cream will do a good job of mellowing out any stronger characteristics and leaves you with a sugary treat that may put you to sleep before you finish it!

Bee’s Kiss
Honey tends to pair well with many savory liqueurs, and rum is but another welcome guest. The bee’s kiss mixes aged rum with cream, honey simple syrup, and ice to create a hard-to-resist temptation. It’s sweet, creamy, and unique enough to erase any stubborn memories of clients you’ve had to endure.

These are a few dessert liquors to help you relax after work that will comfort you after a long day on the job. Let the stress dissipate and find your comfy spot because the day is over, and the rest is yours to enjoy.

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