Legendary Houston Rapper Trae Tha Truth Pours his Heart About Fatherhood In Newest Single “Hope It Don’t Change You” - @TRAEABN


Legendary Houston Rapper Trae Tha Truth Pours his Heart About Fatherhood In Newest Single “Hope It Don’t Change You”

Legendary Houston rapper and humanitarian, Trae Tha Truth, becomes vulnerable in newly released single, “Hope it Don’t Change You,” produced by Othello Beats, to express his fight for fatherhood over his only daughter (2 years old), baby Truth. Trae has not seen his daughter in over 4 months, despite assigned custody schedules arranged by court order. On scheduled custody days, Trae flies from Houston to Los Angeles in hopes for his daughter to meet him at the airport to start their quality time. Inconsolably, the Houston star is disappointed at the absence each time. His single vocalizes the bond he yearns to have with his daughter again, which becomes Trae’s most passionate project to date. 

“I believe the courts are designed to side with the mother, and it’s unfortunate because a fathers bond is just as important. Above everything else, being a father comes before everything to me and I’ll continue to fight to be in my daughter’s life just as I am active in my son’s life,” said Trae Tha Truth. The father of two is known for helping his community, where he gives back to the less fortunate. Most recently, Trae was honored with Joe Biden’s presidential lifetime achievement award.

On May 23, 2021, Trae received the Change Maker Award at that year's Billboard Music Awards. The award, according to Billboard, pays tribute to "the artist or group that speaks truth to power through their music, celebrity, and community. They are socially conscious, politically aware, active in their community and charitable with time, money and/or influence to improve the lives of others.

 In 2008, Trae Tha Truth was awarded by the mayor of Houston, Bill White, and Council Member Peter Brown with his own day, Trae Day, in honor of his outstanding work within the community. This is the first time the honor has been extended to a rap artist. Trae Day is celebrated every year on July 22, where he organizes ways to give back in Houston and throughout the region.

During Hurricane Harvey in September 2017 Trae and his friends, dubbed the "Relief Gang", spent a full day driving trucks and SUVs around the Houston area helping get residents to safety. They worked in Beaumont, Winnie, Kingwood, and Cleveland Texas - all areas where flooding was severe.

Listen to the Album “Truth Season: The United Streets of America”. Out Now! Stream: https://music.empi.re/truthseason

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