❖ MOOW ❖ - " we are all gonna die in 2050 "


❖ MOOW ❖

Moow is part of this new generation of producers, who handle beats brilliantly by creating contemplative and melancholy tracks on a lo-fi / hip-hop basis. A singular approach, which allows us to transport ourselves in a gloomy universe but always accompanied by a breath of hope.

Moow returns, with a new project based on a Lo-fi favorite: “we are all gonna die in 2050”. Sensitive in nature to what surrounds it, Moow describes to us, like an anticipated future, through these 24 titles, the possible last day that we could live on our planet Earth, and what better than to start with a “bath in the ocean with you”.

The release of “we are all gonna die in 2050” will be released on February 4, 2022 on the Maju Records label and always accompanied by Vinyl digital.

This morose odyssey in the subject, carries against all expectations a soft, calm and meditative atmosphere, an instrumental production with a positive beat which carries us in a nostalgic and melancholy happy feeling.

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❖ MOOW ❖ - " we are all gonna die in 2050 " ❖ MOOW ❖ - " we are all gonna die in 2050 " Reviewed by FADED4U on February 04, 2022 Rating: 5

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