Toronto singer-songwriter Chynna Lewis releases debut EP What Are Friends For - @ChynnaLewis


Toronto singer-songwriter Chynna Lewis releases debut EP What Are Friends For

Toronto-based singer-songwriter Chynna Lewis releases her debut EP What Are Friends For. Renowned for being an ultra versatile and skilled vocalist, Chynna has supported artists such as Ed Sheeran, Jessie Reyez, Charlotte Day Wilson, and Jully Black as a backup singer for the past decade. This time around, Chynna gets to showcase her solo songwriting and vocal prowess over smooth and memorable production. 

"What Are Friends For is growth, conflict, endings and letting go of things and people who weren't meant for me," says the fast rising songsmith. "I felt I was called to be brave when I set out to make this record because it meant leaning into the stomach-turning feelings and delving into what's there. I think for a lot of immigrants, to arrive at a place where you have the mental space to unpack your shit is a sign of progress. You're no longer surviving and coping, but instead you begin untying the painful knots in you that are holding you back from healing and thriving. When I listen to this record, I hear myself pushing through darkness and finding my way. Having made this record during the pandemic, I ended up writing, recording and producing a lot of it in my apartment in Toronto. It was a huge learning experience and it was scary most days not knowing what the hell I was doing. When I think about my "why?", I'm transported back to my teenage years when I first felt like I didn't belong. I want to show other Asian creatives that there are many of us out here living different experiences, and encourage us to tell our stories."

Chynna Lewis

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