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Aubrey Haddard - Green As Ever [Official Video]

New York City-based indie-pop singer-songwriter, Aubrey Haddard releases her effervescent second single, "Green As Ever" today, along with its accompanying summery music video. Haddard's second full-length album, Awake And Talking, will be out August 19, 2022 and is available for pre-order now, via Beverly Martel Records.

The project's first single, "Just A Wall," which premiered with The Line of Best Fit, saw Haddard examine her own reflection and begin to find self-acceptance. The Line of Best Fit wrote that it's "sublime, emotive and anthemic," and that "Aubrey Haddard channels Orpheus."

Similar to "Just A Wall," "Green As Ever," sees Haddard continue to draw on themes of mythology within her lyricism. Haddard's airy vocals float over a synthy beat, "According to mythology we play a role / Don’t tell me when the summer ends / I’ll be gone."

After reading Michael Pollan's book The Botany Of Desire and learning about human relationships from the perspective of plant care, Haddard found herself crafting what "Green As Ever," would later become. Haddard explains, "In the summer of 2020 I traded my shared, Brooklyn two-bed for a mattress on the floor of my childhood home in the Hudson Valley where much of the record was written. Matt Peiffer (Awake And Talking mix engineer) had lent me his copy of The Botany of Desire, in which Michael Pollan discusses the reflection of human desires in the way that we interact with plants. We’ve learned how to manipulate them in every way so they become only the best, only exactly what we want."

Referencing the song's lyrics and subject matter, Haddard wonders if she can mold her life exactly the way she desires, as humans do to plants. Haddard says, “According to mythology we play a role.” And when that role comes knocking on my door, don’t expect me to answer. Maybe I am destined for something, but maybe I’d rather just run from it. Maybe I could manipulate my life in every way so that it is exactly what I want it to be, or maybe I’ll just throw up my hands."

Tracklisting: Awake And Talking (LP)

01. Just A Wall
02. Green As Ever
03. Somewhere
04. Harbor
05. Future Boxes
06. Processing Power
07. Doors
08. Forever Is
09. Someone's Daughter

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