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LISSOM - Nouvel album (Naïve x HYAKU)

LISSOM drops a duet with pianist Julien Marchal (SLUMB) and singer Ed Tullett (Novo Amor)

Lissom - Trouble (Official Music Video) 

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Lissom is a collaborative work between French pianist & composer Julien Marchal and British songwriter Ed Tullett aka Lowswimmer.

Follow Lissom : Instagram : Facebook : Soundcloud : Bandcamp : Mastering : Alexandr Vatagin

Director - Andrei Bulatchik

DOP - Max Badulin

AD - Gregory Shmakov

Producer - Vladimir Masyukov

Gaffer - Alexander Obmelyukhin

Camera Assistant - Pavel Samsonov

Style - Kate Tsareva

MUA - Kate Bednyakova

Production Designer - Anastasia De Uriarte


Isolated Girl - Polina Krikunova

Production/ VFX - Velvet Control

Production - Overquell

Lyrics :

Lead me down,

hear no sound,

I can’t be judged, no.

We’re without

any doubt,

a new shortcut home.

And we’re in trouble

seeing double somehow.

Here now,

or thereabouts,

it’s in my gut now.

Hunted down,

run aground,

I won’t need much now.

Above the dark days,

zero sum, a far haze,

in-between outs,

the hum starts to phaseout,

we’re in trouble now…

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