The Most Essential Qualities of a Good Doctor

The Most Essential Qualities of a Good Doctor

Whether you’re preparing for a hospital stay or simply looking for a new physician, you should know what to look for in a high-quality medical professional.

Over the past two years, we’ve learned just how crucial high-quality healthcare is. When you visit a doctor, you’re putting your health in their hands, so make sure those hands are diligent and capable. Look for the most essential qualities of a good doctor when choosing or working with a physician.

The best doctors make sure to provide high-quality treatment and show their patients how much they care. A quality physician will prioritize you and make you feel like a priority. Active listening, asking effective questions, and responding to a patient’s concerns should come naturally to your doctor.

Attention to Detail
When your doctor reads your chart, they shouldn’t skim it—even if they’re busy. A physician who doesn’t pay attention to the little details can miss signs of chronic illness. A lack of diagnosis or an outright misdiagnosis are examples of physician negligence and definite red flags in any doctor. Choose a professional who takes time to read your chart carefully and ask clarifying questions.

Collaborative Spirit
You want your doctor to be a people person, not a lone wolf. While physicians attend years of medical school and undergo board certifications, they don’t have all the answers all the time. Your doctor should be comfortable asking their colleagues for insight and relaying relevant information to specialists.

Organizational Skills
Many medical mistakes slip through the cracks because doctors must deal with lots of patients and don’t think they have the time to read every chart. However, an organized approach and time management skills will benefit both them and you. Your doctor should make time to consult you about your treatment without jumping from topic to topic or rushing off to see other patients.

Bedside Manner
At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many papers your doctor has published if they’re gruff and insensitive with their patients. Having personable attitude and friendly demeanor separates average doctors from great ones. You should feel at ease around your doctor and feel comfortable conversing with them.While there isn’t one surefire sign of a perfect doctor, the above qualities indicate a healthcare professional who wants you to get better. Choose a physician who makes you feel comfortable and can take some of the stress out of your hospital experience. Look for the most essential qualities of a good doctor to take charge of your physical and mental health.

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