001/22 is a beautiful journey exploring Lo-Fi Hip Hop


001/22 is a beautiful journey exploring Lo-Fi Hip Hop

001/22 is the new compilation of Lo-fi / Hip Hop beats out on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 for Emic Lo-fi/Hip Hop, sub-label of Bologna-based Emic Entertainment.

This is the first appointment of 2022: the compilation is added to the rich collection that, since April 2020, are a reference point for fans of the genre.

The tracklist proposes imaginaries, styles and musical ideas that are personal and independent from each other, but that appear to be linked by an indissoluble and inextricable common thread: a constant uninterrupted flow of delicate melodies and chill and low-tempo moods.

12 beatmakers for 12 beats that describe different emotions and moods in a mix of musical approaches that start from classic Hip Hop to get to more modern and contemporary electronic sounds. Everything is always inserted within the stylistic framework of Lo-Fi/Hip Hop music: 30 minutes of sound snapshots that take the imagination towards open spaces where fantasy and emotions run.

The cover of 001/22 is by Matteo Guadagnini aka Mao, who visually opens the doors of a city in the middle of the night: waiting, silence, bright signs as a backdrop to thoughts. In the background, Lo-fi/Hip Hop music to draw the contours of this imaginary landscape halfway between reality and comics.

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