[New Single] Malicious - NOLAN - @Mr_Malish


[New Single] Malicious - NOLAN

Montreal Canada's own Malicious delivers new heat with NOLAN.

Some skills and abilities last a lifetime, some things you don't forget as properly stated in the song's opening lines ``Just like riding a bike". Inspired by the acclaimed film director of the same name NOLAN is a track loosely themed about being true to self.

Just as many of Christopher Nolan films center around time and require rewatches for proper appreciation, Malicious will often have you rewinding and replaying to properly catch the meaning behind the lines.

The bouncy punchline laced flow over dark keys and violins set the tone as a dramatic reminder for some and fiery introduction for others. This being the first single from his upcoming 100 MAD project is a definite playlist addition for anyone hip hop fan.

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