Pop Act Tayler Holder Releases Second Single : I Hope - @TaylerHolder

Pop Act Tayler Holder Releases Second Single : I Hope

Famed content creator Tayler Holder
prepares to release his emotionally driven upcoming single “I Hope” on June 9th. This release will follow “HUMAN” which was released in April of this year and received acclaim from Sweety HighEQ Music, and iHeart Radio just to name a few.  With this forthcoming new single, Tayler uses his haunting vocals to the track bringing emotions to the surface as it echoes in his raw falsetto and stirring messaging.  Outside of music, many may know Holder from his viral success on TikTok where he has over 20 million followers. However, now Tayler is doubling down on his music and making that his first priority as he gets ready to release his brand new single that touches close to home as he experiences the various phases of love with a girl that ends up breaking his heart in the end.
When asked about his new single “I Hope” Tayler said, “‘I wrote this song with one of my best friend’s, Clinton Kane, about a girl that I met & ended up falling in love with her. I was under the impression she felt the same way as I did, but found out shortly after that she was still talking/hooking up with her ex. I never could understand why or how. It left me so broken, but I knew I deserved so much better and decided it’s better I just move on. I wrote “I Hope” to just simply speak from a personal experience that I feel like a lot of people can relate too, to say I hope he was worth it and I hope he gives you everything I couldn’t."

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