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UglyFace - "Neck & Wrist" (Freestyle)

“In the Bay Area, UglyFace is a force to be reckoned with. What the world is just learning is that UglyFace is a force no matter where they go.”- Hip-Hop Vibe

Bay Area rap group UglyFace released their debut project “The Good EP” April 29, 2022. This release follows the buzz Aaron Temple, Andre Mosley, Aric Jones, and Kevin Farpella is collectively known as UglyFace has started in the Bay Area since their reformation during Covid-19 in 2020. Since re-forming UglyFace have hit the ground running with the release of singles “Woke Up,” “Oxtails,” “GWEN,” & “The Coast,” “Pillow Talk” and “Ain’t For Sale” all of which will be on their debut project The Good EP. The buzz created by these single releases has resulted in UglyFace being featured in outlets like Hollywood Life, Hip-Hop Vibe, Grounds Sounds VENTS Magazine, and more! 

This is our take on the Pusha T & Jay-Z song Neck & Wrist produced by Pharrell. This is a one off song to pay homage for those who came before us that paved the way. An ode to Golden Era Hip Hop."

 UglyFace’s unique style has drawn comparisons to legendary groups like A Tribe Called Quest, and much like  Tribe UglyFace doesn’t always feature every member on each track but in turn allows each artist the opportunity to champion their own songs adding in the other members when it organically works for the music. This style of creating music is seen perfectly on their debut project “The Good EP” as members come and go throughout the project depending on what each song specifically needs.

 “The Good EP”

When asked about the release of their debut project “The Good EP”, UglyFace said, “As human beings we all carry our emotions, whether good… bad… or ugly. That very feeling is inescapable. The good is often fleeting, the bad is always present and the ugly is only seen when overwhelmed with the bad. As Uglyface we share and bond over these moments, sessions become group therapy. A place that we can escape and cycle through emotions aloud, with no judgment.”

A scrunched-up nose. An exaggerated twist of the lips. You feel it on your face before it happens. The moment the bass drops and rattles your rear-view mirror. The clever line that takes a verse from great to legendary. The perfect sample. The catchiest hook. The hardest drums. That visceral moment embodies UglyFace, the chosen collective moniker of four childhood friends turned rap group. The crew’s story begins in high school in Tracy, CA--the third city in a nearly equilateral Bay Area triangle that includes Oakland and Sacramento. However, the group didn’t start right then in high school but those days together created a lifelong bond that remained solid even as they all moved to different parts of the country. Aric moved to Los Angeles, Andre moved to Atlanta, and Aaron to New York where they all continued to hone their musical skills, while Kevin stayed in Tracy. And it kind of makes sense that Kevin remained grounded in the group’s hometown, while Aaron, Aric, and Andre found themselves in the three biggest hubs for hip-hop. Kevin is the gravitational pull that keeps the crew from floating too far away from one another and the impetus for bringing everyone back together to pursue music again in a serious way. While everyone stayed connected, sending beats, verses, and projects in various stages of completion back and forth via email over the years, they never fully locked back in together. It wasn’t until Covid-19 hit in the summer 2020, that UglyFace was reawakened. With Kevin as the sonic architect of the crew, Aric embodying the group’s swagger and confidence, Aaron as the heart and de facto leader, and Andre playing dual roles as the wisest and funniest in the crew along with being a rapper and singer, UglyFace is becoming what it was always meant to be. Stay tuned to UglyFace’s social below for more information on future releases following “The Good EP” as well as future tour dates for the group. 

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