Rapper Cordae Reveals Life-Changing Bathroom Meeting and His Superbowl Dreams on The Spout Podcast - @Spout_Podcast


Rapper Cordae Reveals Life-Changing Bathroom Meeting and His Superbowl Dreams on The Spout Podcast

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On the latest episode of The Spout Podcast, Grammy-nominated hip-hop artist Cordae dished to host DJ Automatic about chance meetings, spending his 21st birthday with Dr. Dre, and making the most of the present moment.

The From A Birds Eye View rapper starts off the interview from his younger perspective when he was making mixtapes as a teenager. Voted “most likely to be famous’ in high school, he noted back then he was “dropping dope-ass mixtapes” that even now he’s still proud of. 

Moving to LA just a few years later, Cordae describes the first time he met his friend and collaborator, Anderson .Paak while in the bathroom at the BET Awards. “Okay. And here's why you got to be cool with everybody. I swear to you, I didn't know like who he was,” admits Cordae. “I’m in the bathroom...and then I see him get an award five minutes later. I checked his music out later that same day and it was incredible, and so I DM’d him and we got linked up.”

Cordae credits Anderson for introducing him to Dr. Dre, saying, “I was at studio Anderson. So again, it's just my boy. I just pull up on him, you know, and just kick it. And then Dr. Dre just happened to walk in...weeks later I got a call from him (Dr. Dre) and he was like ‘yo, I seen your freestyle, let’s see how good you are at making music.’ So yeah, he had me pull up to his crib; to the studio. We just make music the whole night and that was my 21st birthday.”

Never losing sight of his blessings, he is aware of how much he can learn from those who have paved the way for him.

“I just like to learn. You know, I haven't been in the studio with Dr. Dre too many times. You know, I've been in the studio with him once or twice, but every time I'm able to learn, you know? I learn something like life-changing learning. Not just like, OK, I learned, no, no, no things like career-changing learning, you know?”

When asked where he sees himself in five or ten years from now, the 24-year-old rapper quips, "In the next ten years I’ll be doing the Superbowl.”

And with the track he’s on, the dream doesn’t seem far off.  With no doubt about how he would like his future to unfold, the young rapper keeps his focus.
“But right now, I'm just focusing on day by day trying to be present," explains Cordae.  "I'm always so future based, but in order to get the future, I feel like you got to just embrace the moment and make the most out of every moment. So that's what I'm trying to work on.”

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