KARE opened up a brand new location in Oakville and we got invited by our good friends at BLEND PR to celebrate with the Toronto team, and co-founder Peter Schoenhofen joined us from Germany. 

DATE: Thursday May 5, 2022

TIME:  6:00PM - 9:00PM

LOCATION: 225 Lakeshore Road East in Oakville, ON

FADED4U had the opportunity to celebrate this new beginning, and we are thankful for being present to the Grand Opening Event at their new space at 225 Lakeshore Road East in Oakville. Inspired by their unique German-designed furniture, accessories, and lighting sure to spark all of your interior design ideas, just in time for Spring/Summer home renovations. 

Did you know? KARE Toronto is a Canadian Women-owned franchise of KARE DESIGN based in Munich, Germany. While they are part of a large global company in over 50 countries worldwide, KARE Toronto is a locally owned business. The first KARE flagship store in all of North America has launched almost two years ago in Toronto, followed by two franchises in Vancouver and Los Angeles with many more to come. 

KARE is a non-conventional brand that strictly rejects run-of-the-mill concepts. They operate strategically with a feel for the market, which ensures its continued success with revolutionary furnishing ideas. Ever since 1981, KARE has been surprising it's fans and retail partners worldwide with a variety of new furniture, lighting, and accessories while expressing an intense passion for design.

The company designs and markets everything in-house and then exports it around the world. The recipe for success: three times a year, KARE creates new and imaginative furnishing worlds - called "trend shows."

Photo Credit: FADED4U

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