The Lantern Val-Morin, Canada


The Lantern Val-Morin, Canada 

Nestled in Quebec's Laurentian forest, this residence is a composition of volumes with soothing and balanced proportions which, on winter nights, sparkles through the woods like a guiding lantern. The architectural structure, facing a large mountain and a beautiful lake, is spread across three levels, totaling 4,500 sq.ft. (420 sq.m. ).

The pure ensemble presents itself discreetly by concealing its accesses and only partly revealing its interior spaces. The volumes, well embedded in the sloppy topography, create a gentle horizontality that hides the scale of the house on approach. Dark cedar cladding, with oscillating hues, blends the object gently into its natural environment.

Photo credit: Ulysse Lemerise Bouchard

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