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Camila Cabello Admits She's An Introvert on The Spout Podcast

The 25-year-old multi-Grammy nominated singer/songwriter, Camila Cabello, opens up to Host Erik Zachary on the most recent episode of The Spout Podcast, revealing how she manages the pressures of a busy schedule in the midst of promoting her third studio album, Familia. Cabello admits, despite what fans might think, she’s definitely an introvert.

Excited about all the activities surrounding her new music, Cabello discloses having to maintain her anxiety by doing very "low-key" things during her off time so she does not get overwhelmed. Proving she’s very relatable, the young singer prioritizes self-care as the key to maintaining her busy schedule.  

“I’m trying to be like ‘girl you gotta self-care and chill,'” says Cabello. “For a time, I was, like, maybe I’m not introverted maybe it was just anxiety. But I think I am introverted.”

Continuing on the topic, she explains her simple protocol for maintaining higher levels of anxiety saying, “I'm just like going for a walk on my own, or I'm watching a TV show and zoning out, or I'm, like, reading; that helps me a lot to like, decompress sometimes.”

Although the Cuban-American singer is very connected to social media platforms and has recently teamed up with TikTok for an immersive live broadcast performance that included costume changes and visual effects, she admits she actually craves the opposite of technology.

“Like, I want the opposite of technology in the sense that, and I'm actually am doing this for a performance I've got it coming up soon, I want it to be, freakin’, outside in the sunlight," she explains. "I feel like we're so disconnected and it's like, yeah, technology can be really cool, but I also just want to be fascinated by what is already, like, you know, like, by nature herself. Like that's like the coolest.”

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