Helpful Uses for Honey Besides Eating It


Helpful Uses for Honey Besides Eating It

Honey has a number of benefits depending on how you use it. These are some helpful uses for honey besides eating it that you can benefit from.

Honey is a natural product that ranges from common store produce to a high commodity item in some countries. The difference lies in the origins of how it was produced and the various effects it can provide those who consume it. But those benefits are not exclusive to only eating honey. These are some helpful uses for honey besides eating it that you are able to take advantage of.

Natural Moisturizer

Honey is a natural humectant. This means that it has innate moisturizing properties for the skin. The vitamins within honey help to regulate the natural oils in your skin while also balancing your skin's pH levels. This, in turn, strengthens its properties when used as a natural moisturizer. Using a honey mask mixed with some buttermilk and egg yolk is an excellent mask to apply to clean skin before washing it off after ten to fifteen minutes.

Soothe Mosquito Bites

The bacteria within the saliva of a mosquito that bites you often causes a reaction in your skin. Normally forming as a bump, this interaction causes itching and redness on your skin. To help alleviate some of those symptoms, honey has natural anti-bacterial properties that help soothe such signs. Though it is not going to be the first choice, if there is nothing else to use, take advantage of the benefits that honey can provide for those who are particularly allergic to bug bites.

Extra Energy

In essence, honey is a carbohydrate that is just as effective as natural sugar in smaller amounts. This is due to the concentration of nectar within the syrupy fluid. When consumed a few hours before working out, honey acts as a delayed energy store that activates later on. Using this to maintain longer workouts and taking it regularly during exercise gives the body a slight boost to keep going.

Honey is more than just a simple product of bees. The natural vitamins and particles that lie within are capable of helping you in more ways than just sating a sweet tooth. There are several uses of honey in many industries, aside from acting as a substitute for sugar in certain foods and drinks. By considering a few of these helpful uses for honey besides eating it, you can take advantage of each different benefit honey provides.

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