How To Set Up the Ideal Man Cave in Your Backyard


How To Set Up the Ideal Man Cave in Your Backyard

Don’t resign your man cave to a little corner of your house! Create a getaway space in your own backyard and make it a home just outside your home.

Man caves of the past have often been basements or guest rooms—small parts of your home that you’ve carved away. Sometimes, though, it’s hard to unwind when you feel cramped in your relaxation space. Think outside the proverbial box (in this case, your house) and scope out your backyard for possibilities. Set up the ideal man cave in your backyard by creating a new structure and filling it with the things that make you happy.

Pick a Shed
Sure, you could build your own man cave from the foundation up. DIY projects are a great way to work with your hands and watch your progress. However, unless you’re a professional contractor, it’s a difficult job to tackle. Consider buying a prebuilt shed instead. These days, it’s easy to buy your shed online and have it installed in a single day. More time for you to furnish and decorate your space!

Install Amenities
Electricity is the most obvious starting point. Your man cave needs light—plus, you’ve probably got a TV and even a gaming console or two. Make sure they’ve got adequate power hooked up and that your Wi-Fi signal will work in your new man cave. Don’t forget heating and air conditioning! Sheds and other small structures need plenty of ventilation, so make sure the windows are in good working condition and the heat and AC are functional. If you’re planning to put in a bathroom, enlist a plumber to help you get running water out there. Sometimes, you don’t want to walk all the way to your house just to use the bathroom!

Furnish and Decorate
Before you start moving furniture in, lay out a ground plan and take measurements of the shed and all your furnishings. Hook up your TV and gaming systems, and place your sofa in a spot where you can watch TV without craning your neck or getting glare from lighting. Do you have collections that don’t fit with the aesthetic of your home? Be they DVDs, vinyl figurines, or band merchandise, your man cave is the perfect place to display them. Arrange your things in a way that brings you joy. Frame any posters you’ve got—don’t just tack them to the wall with push pins. Take pride in your unique taste and your treasured possessions. If you’ve got more “man stuff” than you can comfortably display in your home, or if you want extra space for gaming and watching movies, consider a backyard man cave. A separate structure like a shed allows you more space and more freedom to set up the ideal man cave in your backyard.

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