“Lake” by Frankie Flow and Sonny Hollis celebrates change through 10 Lo-fi beats.

“Lake” by Frankie Flow and Sonny Hollis celebrates change through 10 Lo-fi beats.

“Lake”, a joint four-hands album signed by Frankie Flow and Sonny Hollis, has been released on June 16, 2022, by Emic Lo-fi/Hip Hop. A beat tape celebrating the musical union of two artists who tell their stories through a genuine work of personal introspection. An extra-musical journey that engages emotionally – through sonic paths between memories, imaginary places, impressions – and visually thanks to the contribution of Munich-based Sicilian photographer Daniele Garito, who took the picture featured on the cover with a precise purpose, linked to the album’s ultimate purpose:

“The mind processes sensations from the information that eyesight sends as a signal. The taking of a picture represents the expectation of putting a face to these sensations. However, very often the expectation is almost never fulfilled by the technique. That is why my photos are devoid of expectation but loaded with hope: the hope that technique can generate new emotions in the viewer.”

“Lake” is a physical place, but at the same time it is a magical and hidden place that musically populates with rarefied emotions and faded images of joyful and distant memories. Each beat is a small box that contains within it a personal and intimate universe ready to explode with each play. Music born out of pain and frustration to bring positivity and greater self-awareness:

“The record was born during the first wave of the Covid pandemic as a way to escape from a negative and surreal reality. We imagined being far away and in a place of peace, hence the title. In a difficult time, beatmaking helped us detach our minds and find a way out.”

10 tracks in which Frankie Flow and Sonny Hollis tell about themselves with a spontaneous lightness that is the result of the desire to be somewhere else. A feeling that runs through the entire record and represents its main essence:

“The beats on “Lake” are a concentration of passion despite the pressures of the world; they encapsulate the hope of becoming better men. It is a record that celebrates change, as if it were a bridge between what we were and what we are now: an outstretched hand of fate to make our little wishes come true.”

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