Royce 5’9” Debuts NFT, Offers Fans Streaming Royalties To ‘Caterpillar’ featuring Eminem, And King Green - @Royceda59


Royce 5’9” Debuts NFT, Offers Fans Streaming Royalties To ‘Caterpillar’ featuring Eminem, And King Green

Platinum-selling, GRAMMY® nominated rapper, songwriter, producer, community activist, and entrepreneur Royce 5’9” today announces his partnership with Royal to offer a percentage of the streaming rights from his critically acclaimed single, “Caterpillar,” featuring Eminem and King Green on Tuesday, June 28 at 5 PM EST. Fans can participate by buying a Limited Digital Asset, which is Royal’s version of an NFT and is embedded with music rights and additional benefits. 

Of the partnership, Royce 5’9” said, “Royal has been making serious strides at the intersection of Web3 and music with some of my favorite recording artists. I am honored to partner with them on one of my favorite records by sharing ownership with my friends.” 

In sharing ownership of his music with fans, Royce joins artists like Nas, Diplo, and The Chainsmokers in giving fans the chance to directly support and connect with him. Now fans can create an endearing relationship with him by investing in the track, earning royalties from the song's future streams, and unlocking exclusive content and experiences.

More details of the drop are below:

Royce da 5’9” x Royal Drop

Song: Caterpillar (feat. Eminem and King Green)

Drop: Tuesday 6/28 at 5 pm ET

Token pricing: Across the tiers — from gold to platinum to diamond — ownership percentage increases, and extras vary. For example, platinum and diamond owners get access to exclusive content from Royce, and diamond owners will get an in-person writing session and studio time with him.

· 500 gold @ $79

· 250 platinum @ $299

· 3 diamond @ $1,999

Drop Description

Royce da 5'9", a rapper, songwriter, and producer is known for his lyrical mastery, is dropping his top track “Caterpillar” on Royal. Fellow Detroit rapper Eminem joins Royce on the record, which has been streamed more than 100 million times across YouTube and Spotify since its 2018 release. The track calls for the new generation of rappers to respect the artists who came before them. King Green delivers on the chorus, and the rap opens with words from legendary poet Gil Scott-Heron.

Look out for new music coming from Royce 5’9”, soon.

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