Nimea Ariana presents her Visionary Art Installation, Crystalline Structures during ARTComp 2022 this summer at 100 Kellogg Lane in London, Ontario with a chance to win $100,000. In Nimea Ariana's first public exhibition, this body of work was first introduced at Massive XV in 2019 for The Art Gallery of Ontario's annual fundraiser. This competition will undoubtedly open doors for the artist's career after the extensive shift we all experienced during the pandemic and potentially win her $100,000 or more.

Nimea Ariana is an Emerging Artist with a background in Event Design and Production, having spent 15 years building a career in Toronto, Niagara and New York, designing projects for companies such as ESPN The Magazine, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Engine Shop Agency and Preston Bailey Designs. Developing her natural talent for art and design, Nimea Ariana honed her skills in producing large scale installations and experiential environments which lead her to create Crystalline Structures as her first public art exhibition in 2019 for The AGO.

Visionary Artist + Designer, Nimea Ariana, says "We are all living works of art in motion, and through experiential environments we make an impact on our world simply by being present. My intention with this work is to create a space for our collective body to heal, grow, explore and expand the mind. In doing so, I hope to empower others to discover their own talent and potential to create with an open heart and mind.

ArtComp 2022 is a dream come true for artists like me, with the opportunity to win $100,000 it can transform my life! This would be a huge help for me in rebuilding the business after the pandemic and a series of years prior, dealing with chronic pain, from Women's Health issues, such as Endometriosis and Fibroids. However, it helped shift my mindset and career towards a stronger focus on the power of the mind, body, spirit connection, and it was all worth it. 

It's an honour to be selected as 1 of the 100 artists picked from over 900 submissions from around the globe and I hope a lot of people get to experience this work this summer. However, I won't stop there, I plan to take my work all over the world! I want to create experiential environments that offer a timeless perspective on the power and potential of our minds, for generations to come."

Crystalline Structures will be on exhibit at ArtComp 2022 along side 100 other emerging artists with the chance to win two awards of $100,000 each. One award is presented by the panelist's of judges, such as Bilel Benzeman of Tagliatatella Galleries and another is awarded by public vote.

The ArtComp exhibition will be open for public viewing this summer, from now until September 4th, 2022, within the public areas of 100 Kellogg Lane, in London Ontario. For more information please visit,

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