Canal House Amsterdam, Netherlands


Canal House

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam based studio, i29, converted a neglected 17th century canal house into a bright home with unexpected views and room for discovery. The house, located along the canals near Amstelveld, was originally built in 1675. Over the years, the neglected house had fallen into a state of near total ruin, and the renovation took more than 2 years to execute in collaboration with a team of specialists.

The new interior highlights different areas in color, which provides a new perspective on the monument. Original details are variously exposed or hidden in colorful rooms. To create unexpected sight-lines and to create a spatial experience, the different spaces are connected by allowing color or finish to seamlessly blend from one space to another. In contrast to the existing structure, new interventions and finishes by i29 are clearly recognizable.

Photo credit: Ewout Huibers

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